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The Fate of the Invader


The Pelican

A. & A. D. Lafargue

Marksville, March 21, 1863




            On the 6th inst, a party who had gone in Grand Point for cattle proceeded to examine the rafts in Lake St. Agnes in search of C. M.’s children, when the arm of a creature sticking out of water attracted their attention. Proceeding immediately to get the person out of water they succeeded in pulling the body of a huge Yankee on top of the collected logs: he was a man of very huge dimensions and seemingly of great physical powers. The party searched him and found on his person a memorandum, a pocketbook containing gold, silver, paper money and a lock of his lass’s, a navy pistol of a superior quality, and various other articles.

            The man must have been among the many of the Queen of the West who abandoned her only to find a grave in the turgid waters of Red River.

            Let his fate remind his companions-in-arms, that the invader will now and then find a reward for their disloyal deeds.

            The Yankee’s pipe had the name of Adams Butler carved on it. Who knows but that he is a son of the Wild Beast!