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Fort DeRussy Facts

A Brief History of Fort DeRussy

Confederate Units at Fort DeRussy

The US Navy at Fort DeRussy

Artillery at Fort DeRussy

The Fort DeRussy Cannon

We want our cannon back!


Hutton's Artillery

Muster Roll, Co. A, Crescent Artillery, February 29, 1864


The Fate of the Invader

Newspaper article concerning soldier lost from USS Queen of the West


Fort Humbug

One of Fort DeRussy's Outlying Defenses


Joshua Cole, Sr.

or, The Reluctant Rebel


The Magazine Explosion of March 16, 1864

The "Friendly Fire" Incident


Hospital Testimony

French-American Claims Commission testimony concerning the fort hospital


The Other Forts DeRussy

Or should that be, The Other Fort DeRussys?


The Mystery of the Countess


The Steamboat Bridge at Simmesport

Not exactly Fort DeRussy related, but interesting, and nearby


The Mysterious Reappearing Cannons

Forts Buhlow and Randolph replaced Fort DeRussy in 1865. Who provided their biggest guns?


The Finley Anderson Story

Whatever happened to the War Correspondent captured aboard Queen of the West?

Official Reports on the Capture of the Fort

Becht Report (5th Minn)


Newbold Report (14th Iowa)


Fyan Report (24th Missouri)


Gilbert Report (27th Iowa)


Scott Report (32nd Iowa)


Lynch Report (58th Illinois)


Kinney Report (119th Illinois)


Shaw Report (2nd Brigade)


Map of the Fort

Details of the Union Positions, March 14, 1864

Unofficial Reports on the Capture of the Fort


Samuel Thomas Letter (27th Iowa)

Lewis G. DeRussy


The Life and Times of Lewis DeRussy

A biography of Lewis DeRussy

Official Report of the Expedition to Huejutla